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Customer Support > Support Database: TealPhone


    Will TealPhone work on my PalmOS 5 device? (100%)
    Yes. TealPhone is fully compatible with PalmOS 5 and handhelds running ARM processors like the Tungsten T.
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    Will TealPhone work with my desktop synching utility? (100%)
    TealPhone actually has no database of its own, but uses the Standard Address Book database named "AddressDB" on older devices and "ContactsDB-PAdd" on newer ones. Thus, any correctly-written conduit will be fully compatible.
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    Will TealPhone support custom names as long as the ones in the Standard Address app? (100%)
    Yes. Make sure you are running TealPhone 4 or higher, which adds support for standard address book custom field names.
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    Will photos support work on my Sony CLIE NX70 or NR70? (100%)
    Photos are supported in TealPhone 4.70 and higher using the enhanced database format found on newer Palm devices. Sony used a different custom format on their older discontinued CLIE devices, however, and they no longer provide developer support or information, so it would be difficult for us to decipher their format on our own.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Will TealPhone be made available for iPhone? (100%)
    Sorry. The iPhone does not support "replacement" programs like TealPhone, and is best suited only for games and simple apps. Third party applications are currently fully "sandboxed" on the iPhone, and are not permitted to access the address book or phone hardware.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Does TealPhone allow me to add more data fields such as multiple addresses, and more phone numbers? (100%)
    TealPhone uses the standard contact database and is limited to whatever fields it supports. TealPhone4 adds support for all the extended fields like this on the Tungsten T3 and newer devices. Older devices, however use an address book format that does not support more data, but TealPhone extends the fields slightly even on these devices by allowing you to designate custom field entries as additional addresses and phone numbers.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Does TealPhone support full screen or landscape displays? (100%)
    Yes. Make sure you are running TealPhone 4 or higher for enhanced display support for the Tungsten T3, HandEra 330, Samsung phones, Alphasmart Dana, and Sony CLIE handhelds.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Does TealPhone allow me to place contacts into more than one category? (100%)
    Kind of. TealPhone uses the standard address book database, which only supports one category per contact, but TealPhone also extends it by allowing you to define custom groups and place contacts into one or more groups at the same time. TealPhone 4.74 adds these groups to the main category pick list, so you can choose them and use them just like categories.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Why do I occasionally have to wait for it to sort? (100%)
    The standard Palm app keeps its records sorted one way at all times, so you can't change sorting options on the fly. TealPhone maintains three sorted tables which point to entries in the database to allow you to change sorting at any time or link different orders to different categories. If the database changes from outside TealPhone, the lists need to be regenerated because the standard app doesn't know to update TealPhone's 3 sort lists the way TealPhone does. You can shorten the time greatly by eliminating sorting options in TealPhone's preferences if you don't need to have alternate sorting.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Why does TealPhone sometimes sort after a HotSync? (100%)
    When a entry is deleted on the Palm, it's not actually removed from the Palm until the next HotSync, when the OS gets a chance to backup the data on the desktop. Since TealPhone doesn't know when this can happen, it has to resort later when it detects that the total number of items has changed. Note that if you create a new entry and then cancel out, that this also creates a blank entry that needs to be deleted.
    Thanks, that helped!

    I am a registered owner of TealPhone 3. How do I upgrade to TealPhone 4? (100%)
    Visit our
    Upgrade Page for upgrade information. You may qualify for a free or discounted upgrade to version 4. You'll need to know your original registration key, which you can look up there as well.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I enter my update key, it's not accepted. (100%)
    Make sure to read the message you get after entering it. If you've upgraded from an older copy, you must enter your original TealPhone3 key first before the update key.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I view my contact list, I get entries in the wrong order or "dashes" in the address list. (100%)
    Make sure you are running the latest version of TealPhone, and then perform a manual rescan of the address database to synchronize it with the current database.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I use TealPhone, it shows a completely different list of entries from the standard address book. (100%)
    If you've run the synching conduit True Sync, you may run into problems. We recommend against using True Sync because it appears to create duplicate address book files which will confuse TealPhone, other programs that use the address book, and the standard Palm desktop as well. If you've run True Sync in the past, even if you've removed it, you'll need to use a file-management program like TealFiles (part of the TealTools package) or TealMover to delete the extra databases True Sync put on your Palm. They have the type "DATA" and creator "addr", but are named starting with "TS" instead of "AddressDB".
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I view entries in TealPhone my custom field names aren't recognized from the standard app. (100%)
    Make sure you are running TealPhone 4 or higher, which adds support for standard address book custom field names.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I change entries in TealPhone, new or modified entries are appearing out of order in the Standard App. (100%)
    If a third party app or crash leaves one misplaced contact in the address book, TealPhone may not be able to correctly auto-detect the native sort order. Use the "Repair Database" menu to sort the actual entries in the address book database to match the order set in the standard address app.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I HotSync, I'm getting duplicate entries added to my address book. (100%)
    TealPhone simply reads the standard address book database. It only writes new entries unless you manually create create them and it is not involved in the HotSync process. Duplicate entries are usually a result of bugs or misconfigurations of a HotSync conduit used to add Outlook support to the Palm Desktop, and there are numerous third party apps designed to detect and remove these duplicate entries.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I HotSync, it fails or returns an error when it tries to sync up the Address Book. (100%)
    This is something we've seen happen after updating Palm Desktop, possibly due to a bug in the Palm Desktop or HotSync system. It is not related to TealPhone, but we present some hints on how to possibly get around it.

    It seems that the copy of the address book on the PC can get corrupted in a way that it no longer syncs properly. We were able to get around it by renaming the PC-based copy and letting Palm Desktop regenerate the information from the handheld. The address book is stored in a file called "Address.DAT" and can be found in the "Address" folder inside your username's folder in the Palm Desktop installation location.

    Once you've found the file, try renaming to another name and then HotSyncing to recreate it. Make sure your hotsync options are set to "Handheld overwrites desktop" when you HotSync.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I make changes to address entries, they appear both in TealPhone and the standard Address app, but these are not being synced back up the the Palm Desktop. (100%)
    Try changing your HotSync conduit settings for "Addresses" set temporarily to "handheld overwrites desktop" and hotsync. Also, if you've tried EasySync recently, it creates a duplicate addressbook database on your handheld called "SyncAddressDB" that you have to delete manually after you've stopped using that program. You can delete this interfering file using a file manager like TealMover.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to dial out using the Integrated/Handspring driver, my Treo650 resets when I try to dial. (100%)
    Make sure you've run the latest Palm Updater from www.palmone.com. The factory Telephony library on the Treo650 crashes occassionally when called from a third party application, but has reportedly been fixed in updated versions. Also make sure you're running the latest version of TealPhone, as version 4.40 previously had a bug that would causes crashes during dialing on some devices.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to seek to an entry by entering letter (keyboard or graffiti), it just beeps. A matching entry is there, however. (100%)
    Try rescanning your database. The sort table might be slight out of order because an entry was modified by an external program or HotSync conduit. Seeking--especially first-initial-last-name--requires a properly sorted database, and can fail if entries are out of order.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How can I set up DateBk4/5 to use TealPhone as my address book? (100%)
    To launch TealPhone when you issue a command to create a new address item in DateBk4 or DateBk5, or when you tap on the GoTo/Edit button in the AddressBook details screen, you need to set the Creator ID to 'TlPh' (Capital T, Small L, Capital P, Small H) in the 'Addr CreatID' field. This item is located in the 'Split' tab of the main preference panel in DateBk5 in DateBk4 (tap on menu icon at top left).

    To have TealPhone launch when you press the AddressBook button, you should first program the AddressBook button in the Palm OS to run Tealphone:

    Tap on 'Prefs' icon in main application screen, select the 'Buttons' panel and select TealPhone from the popup list next to the AddressBook button.

    Next, you can either have DateBk4/5 ignore the AddressBook button open up a split-screen display from within DateBk4/5 (in that case, the split screen is drawn by DateBk4/5 and is not under the control of TealPhone, but a 'Quick' double-press of the key will still launch TealPhone. This preference item is in the 'Views' tab of the main preference panel in DateBk5 (select '2' to enable DateBk5's use, or a hyphen (-) to disable it), or in the 'Preferences' dialog of the Split-screen menu in DateBk4
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I get the program 'Birthdate' to recognize TealPhone custom fields? (100%)
    Make sure you are running TealPhone 4 or higher, which adds support for standard address book custom field names.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I change the cities and states that come up in the popups? (100%)
    Yes. In TealPhone 4, use the Edit Screen's 'History Lists' menu to modify the history lists, freezing them to fixed list if desired.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I dial a number out over my integrated PalmOS phone? (100%)
    Make sure you are running the latest version of TealPhone and have selected the correct dialing connection for your hardware using the 'Dialing Connection' menu. Devices with enhanced audio like the Tungsten T, HandEra 330 and Sony NR70 and NX70 support audio DTMF tone dialing, while HandSpring Treo phones and VisorPhones use the 'Handspring' interface. See the TealPhone Manual for the proper connection to use for your particular peripheral or device. As communication formats vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, however, dialing via IR or wired connection to a GSM-supporting mobile phone may require trying various settings or activation of data transfer on your GSM account.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I dial a number using my separate mobile phone over Bluetooth? (100%)
    Make sure you have the correct Bluetooth driver selected under "Dialing Connection". The correct Bluetooth dialing connection will vary from device to device. On the Tungsten T, try the integrated "PalmOS" or "Handspring" drivers; on other devices, it is called "Serial Bluetooth" or something similar.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I set up the ABC index view in the main screen? (100%)
    In the lower right hand corner of the main screen there is a “choose view” icon that allows you to choose the format of the TealPhone main screen.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How can a "pause" be inserted into telephone numbers (i.e. with a "," or "p" within the phone number) for automatically dialing extensions or international numbers for the Treo650?  (100%)
    While this would be a great feature for TealPhone, we cannot currently support this feature. TealPhone currently hands off the phone number to the Palm telephony system and lets that system do the dialing. This is probably what phonebook does also. Unlike a land-line phone, the tones that the phone generates are not what is actually used to dail the number; the phone screen dials a number, connects the call, and then any subsequent button presses are treated as "tone-generators." Unless the Treo has a way to pass "extra" numbers to the phone dialing system, in order to support extra numbers for voicemail, etc..., we would have to be able to identify the part of the number that is the actual number to call, connect the call ourselves using low-level phone commands, and then replae the part of the phone interface that appears (the one with the speakerphone buttons, etc...) with our equivalent system and screen. This is currently beyond what we can support.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I set TealPhone to hotsync with Outlook or use Outlook categories?  (100%)
    TealPhone does not directly sync with MS Outlook. TealPhone uses the Palm Contacts database and is not itself in control of syncronizing any data with Outlook. PalmDesktop or other plug-in conduits, such as intellisync, are designed to do this. When newer versions of PalmDesktop are installed, there is an opting to "sync with MS Outlook." By enabling this option, the contacts database with sync with the outlooks contacts during hotsync and this information will then transfer to TealPhone.
    Thanks, that helped!

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