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Customer Support > Support Database: TealNotes


    TealNotes does not work under PalmOS 5. (100%)
    No. Unfortunately, PalmOS 5 removes the system software functionality present in previous OS versions needed to implement a program like TealNotes. While TealNotes will continue to function in older operating system versions running on all current and future Dragonball-based handhelds, it cannot be modified to run under PalmOS 5.
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    TealNotes does not work with Sony CLIE or Handera high resolution? (100%)
    No. Because TealNotes is a pop-up program, it does not have control of the screen display mode and is thus not compatible with the hacks Sony and Handera have made to PalmOS to add their proprietary high resolution support. Future versions of PalmOS will make high resolution a standard feature of PalmOS, so we may be able to add compatibility at that time.
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    TealNotes does not work with WordSmith (100%)
    TealNotes works by replacing the Palm standard text field routines with code that can recognize and display an embedded image. This way, any program that uses system text fields will automatically support TealNotes. WordSmith does not use Palm OS text fields because the OS does not support formatting or mixed fonts. Since support for these are assumably some of the primary goals of WordSmith, Blue Nomad is handling all the text themselves at a low level, bypassing TealNotes entirely. Adding support will require changes within WordSmith, which is beyond our control.
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    TealNotes does not work with ClearHack (100%)
    We've gotten reports that ClearHack is not currently compatible with TealNotes. We may be adding optional ClearHack functionality to TealNotes as a work around to this problem in an upcoming update.
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    TealNotes does not work with EVEdit (100%)
    EVEdit is a large hack which requires a lot of system resources. It may simply not be possible for EVEdit and TealNotes to coexist because of this and the structure of the Palm Operating System.
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    TealNotes does not popup with shortcut activation when running Fitaly Keyboard (100%)
    Fitaly seems to trap the shortcut strokes for its own activation, disabling TealNotes' shortcut function. The standard graffiti shortcuts still work, however, so you can create the same functionality by creating a system shortcut stroke and setting its text to the universal TealNotes activation tag ".tn". Note that you'll need to either temporarily disable TealNotes or enter the tag characters out of sequence to prevent TealNotes from coming up when creating the tag in the Prefs app.
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    TealNotes does not work with Hebrew Support+. (100%)
    TealNotes currently doesn't work with Hebrew Support, probably because both programs need to modify the standard text rendering routines with our own custom code. Thus, installing one currently precludes the other from functioning properly.
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    Can I put TealNotes into flash? (100%)
    Yes, you can move TealNotes into unused operating system flash memory using a program like FlashPro, but you cannot put it (or any Hacks) into removable flash cards due to their architecture and removability.
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    After I register, I still get a "Please Register" popup in TealMaster. (100%)
    The registration reminder is actually from TealMaster, not the hack. TealMaster is our own enhanced, standard system extensions (hack) manager. A trial version of TealMaster is included with our extensions-format programs as a convenience for those who do not already have TealMaster or a similar manager installed on their handheld. TealMaster can be registered separately for $9.95.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I use the keyboard under the Japanese OS, the device crashes if TealNotes is enabled. (100%)
    If the Japanese OS interferes with activation under of the text-entry keyboard, disable the 'Keybd Butn' option in the TealNotes configuration screen in Hackmaster.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I bring up the keyboard, the device crashes if TealNotes is enabled. (100%)
    If you are running the T9 Keyboard or any other 'keyboard' replacement, disable the 'Keybd Butn' option in the TealNotes configuration screen in TealMaster, as the TealNotes keyboard function is designed to work specifically with the standard Palm keyboard only. Also, turn off T9 before turning on TealNotes and turn on T9 afterwards.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I enable TealNotes, it crashes when I try to bring it up. (100%)
    The number one cause of crashes when running a system extension is an interaction with another hack. If you're running any other hacks, try disabling them all to diagnose the problem. Most such crashes come from running out of stack memory, which is fixed to as little as 2k on some versions of the OS. If this is the case, you may need to choose which hacks to run or create separate activation profiles in TealMaster to handle this. See the TealMaster FAQs for more information.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to bring up TealNotes, nothing happens. (100%)
    Make sure TealNotes is enabled in your hack manager (TealMaster or Hackmaster). Also note that TealNotes is not compatible with PalmOS 5 or higher.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I export my notes or edit them with more powerful tools? (100%)
    TealNotes stores its imagery in a TealPaint-format image database. Consequently, it's possible to edit TealNotes in TealPaint, or export them using the TealPaint Image Manager. If you edit the image in TealPaint, remember not to change the data in the names of the images, and don't move, add, or delete any images, or it can mess up the ordering TealNotes uses to locate and maintain the images. Note that if you increase the size of the image in TealPaint, only the original portion of the image in TealNotes will be used. Also, if you delete TealPaint at any time in the future that the Palm OS will remove the TealNotes image database at the same time.
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