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Customer Support > Support Database: TealGlance


    Will TealGlance run on PalmOS 5 handhelds? (100%)
    Yes. TealGlance is fully compatible with PalmOS 5 and handhelds running ARM processors like the Tungsten T. TealMaster must be used as the system extensions manager, as other managers (like Hackmaster or X-master) do not work under PalmOS 5. Also, the "off less than xx minutes" option is not available under OS5 due to differences in how OS5 handles sleep notifications.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Can I put TealGlance into operating system flash? (100%)
    Yes, you can move TealGlance into unused operating system flash memory using a program like FlashPro or Jackflash, which is possible on older devices. Newer devices do not have writable system flash, and you cannot put it (or any Hacks) into removable flash cards due to their architecture and removability.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Can TealGlance's screen scroll? (100%)
    Yes. Make sure you are running TealGlance 4.0 or newer.
    Thanks, that helped!

    Can TealGlance show Franklin Ascend or BrainForest to-do items? (100%)
    Thanks to some help from Aportis, BrainForest support has been added to TealGlance version 3.0. Franklin's data format has not yet been made available to us, so is not yet available.
    Thanks, that helped!

    I recently upgraded and now have two hacks and two TealGlance programs on my handheld. (100%)
    TealGlance 4.0 is a rewritten version that uses a different architecture from previous versions. The hack and primary app have different names from previous versions to reflect this, so installing the upgrade will not automatically overwrite older versions. Please delete older versions of TealGlance (both the hack and calling app) before installing 4.0.
    Thanks, that helped!

    After registering, I still get a "please register" popup in TealMaster. (100%)
    The registration reminder is likely from TealMaster, not the hack. TealMaster is our own enhanced, standard system extensions (hack) manager. A trial version of TealMaster is included with our extensions-format programs as a convenience for those who do not already have TealMaster or a similar manager installed on their handheld. TealMaster can be registered separately for $9.95.

    If you have recently upgraded to version 4, make sure you delete the older version of TealGlance (both the calling app and hack) before installing the new version as they use different settings that might interfere with the newly rewritten versions.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I set the "off less than xx minutes" feature, TealGlance still comes up every time. (100%)
    Make sure you are running TealGlance 4.0 or later, which adds support for this feature under PalmOS 5 handhelds.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I turn on the device, TealGlance still pops up even after I deleted it. (100%)
    As noted in the documentation, you cannot delete an active system extension ("hack") using the PalmOS launcher's "delete" menu. You must deactivate the hack in the extensions manager (Hackmaster or TealMaster). If you forgot, you'll need to restart the handheld using the pinhole in the back, but there will be no permanent damage. If you are running TealMaster, you can always safely delete hacks there.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When TealGlance is enabled to automatically pop up, it crashes when I try to bring it up. (100%)
    The number one cause of crashes when running a system extension is an interaction with another hack. If you're running any other hacks or background apps, try disabling them all to diagnose the problem. Most such crashes come from running out of stack memory, which is fixed to as little as 3k on some versions of the OS. If this is the case, you may need to choose which hacks to run or create separate activation profiles in TealMaster to handle this. On pre-OS5 handhelds, you can also use TealMemBrain to boost the default stack size, while on all devices you can permanently boost the default stack size on an application-by-application basis using TealMover 1.90 or higher.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When TealGlanceHack is enabled, the handheld crashes when DateBk3 alarms go off. (100%)
    Make sure you are running version 3.0 or newer of Datebk3. This new version reportedly reduces stack usage, making it much more compatible with hacks like TealGlance. You can also use TealMover's "info" screen to boost the stack space allocated by Datebk3.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I miss multiple alarms, I get a crash if TealGlance is running (100%)
    If you are running other hacks, please try turning them off to diagnose the problem. Hacks which patch the system program-launch routines get called recursively when alarms go unanswered. TealGlance also has a small stub routine patched into this function to tell the main program not to come up when an alarm is being displayed. The combination of the overhead from both programs together can overflow system resources. This is known to occur with the launcher program SwitchHack, which probably has a pretty big routine patched into that system call. If this is the case, try another switcher program (like TealLaunch) that might fit your needs and be less resource-intensive.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When TealGlanceHack is active, the handheld sometimes locks up. (100%)
    Check to see what other applications are running. There are known incompatibilities with CheckIn and GlowHack. You should no longer need GlowHack, as TealGlance has options to provide GlowHack functionality. We are currently also looking into possible interactions with Snoozehack and 'MemoPlus' alarms.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I HotSynced a new version, my handheld crashed. (100%)
    As noted in the documentation, before HotSyncing a new version, you must turn off the program in TealMaster and turn off TealLock if you are running it.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When the popup appears, my DateBook events aren't showing. (100%)
    TealGlance only shows upcoming events, not those that have expired, and will show as many as will fit, unless you have TealGlance setup to show To-Do items as well. If this is the case, it will stop at half screen. When you register, the space behind the 'Please Register' box will also become available. If you are running Groupwise/Syncwise (or similar sync/DateBook replacement), this program appears to have a bug that mis-sorts the DateBook database, rendering some items invisible. To check, download dbScan from http://www.gorilla-haven.org/pimlico, which can be used to check the DateBook database's integrity. TealGlance 2.62 added a feature that assumes a damaged database and does a full scan of the database each time. TealGlance 2.83 added a feature to skip over damaged records in the database instead of aborting when it encounters one. If you are running EasySync, the EasySync package seems to rename the DateBook database so earlier versions of TealGlance can't find it. Please make sure you are trying the latest version of TealGlance (at least 3.0), which also checks for "SyncDatebookDB", which we have been told is the name of the renamed database.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I enable TealGlance hack, the popup doesnt work properly if Fitaly Keyboard is running. (100%)
    Make sure TealGlance appears above Fitaly Keyboard in Tealmaster's list of hacks. Do this by deactivating and reactivating TealGlance. Also make sure you have the latest TealGlance.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I power-up, the TealGlance popup screen doesn't appear. (100%)
    TealGlance has three components: TEALGLNC.PRC--the main program app, GLNCHACK.PRC--the optional popup assistant hack, and TEALMSTR.PRC--the standard system extensions manager.

    The first component is required, but you must install the other two and activate the hack in TealMaster if you want automatic popup activation.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I power up, TealGlance still doesn't come up, even after I've enabled TealGlance Hack and set the proper options. (100%)
    Are you running PowerHack? Make sure TealGlance appears first in the Tealmaster list by deactivating and reactivating it. If you have a Palm Portable Keyboard, note keyboard driver version 1.0 is seriously buggy. Go to Palm's web site and make sure you have version 1.1 or higher
    Thanks, that helped!

    When I try to check off an item in the task list, sometimes it just beeps. (100%)
    This occurs when you are inside the Tasks/ToDoList application when TealGlance comes up. The Tasks application has the task database file open for itself, so TealGlance can read the database but isn't allowed to make modifications to it until you launch another app.
    Thanks, that helped!

    When TealGlance is enabled, StayOffHack does not work. (100%)
    Go to TealGlance's Advanced config screen in TealMaster/Hackmaster and turn on the "Pass thru button presses" option.
    Thanks, that helped!

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