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Customer Support > Support Database: Registering


    How can I try the program before registering? (100%)
    All our software products offer free 30 day trials. You may download and try them at no cost or obligation. After 30 days you must register the products if you continue to use them.
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    What do I get if I register? (100%)
    Registering a product entitles you to legally use the program beyond the 30-day trial period. When you register, we give you a unique passkey you can enter into the program to turn off registration reminders that occasionally pop up. It also puts you on our email lists for notifications of bug fixes and updates, which are typically free. You can, of course remove yourself from the list anytime by visiting our
    Customer Database Page. We do not sell your personal info to third parties.
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    Will the programs stop working after 30 days? (100%)
    We believe you should have ample time to evaluate our products, and that most people are honest and will register if they like the product and have the means to do so. We request that users register after a 30 day trial period, but the applications do not suddenly stop working should you require a little more evaluation time.
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    Will I get program updates with my registration? (100%)
    Registration will always work for the version of the program you purchase, and also qualifies you to free bug fixes and other minor updates. In the case of a major update, your prior registration will entitle you to a free or heavily discounted upgrade to the most recent version of the program. A major update usually means that the new version required massive development effort to incorporate big feature upgrades or to maintain compatibility with new devices. In recent years, PalmSource and device manufacturers have started making massive changes to PalmOS and the device-specific system software that have made it necessary for use to do massive rewrites on our applications to add compatibility with new devices. Small upgrade fees for these rewrites help fund the development to keep your apps running even when you upgrade to a newer device. We try to minimize the need for major updates, as it takes away resources from creation of new applications.
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    How can I obtain a multi-unit site license for my company or organization? (100%)
    Site license versions, available for quantities of 50 or more, require a custom program version and a fully executed Site License Agreement. Please contact our site license department at
    corporate@tealpoint.com for details and pricing information.
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    How do I pay for registration? (100%)
    Visit our
    Registration page for different ways to register. You can register online with a major credit card (PayPal checkout). Include your HotSync User Name (Device ID or Computer Name for other platforms).
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    Where do I find my "HotSync User Name" that I need for registration? (100%)
    Your HotSync User Name appears in the upper right-hand corner of the HotSync application on your handheld. This is *not* the same as your serial number or the Flash ID number. Under very old versions of PalmOS, the name appears on the HotSync app screen after the text "Welcome______." The trailing period is not part of the name. If you are ordering (and paying for) more than one copy of the same product for different people, you will need to submit multiple User Names. Please do so by entering the names separated by forward slashes, e.g. "Joe Blow/Janet Blow" Please spell your Hotsync User Name exactly as it appears in the 'HotSync' Palm application. Accented or European characters are ignored, so you may omit them. For Japanese characters, you may enter the name as JIS hex codes proceeded a dollar sign and without spaces such as '$45414a40'.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I enter my registration key? (100%)
    For most programs, select the 'Register' option from a drop-down menu or tap on the 'Register' button, if present. For system extensions (hacks), run TealMaster and tap on the plus (+) button next to the extension to find the 'Register' button.

    Note that TealMaster is a separate program that has its own register button, so don't confuse TealMaster registration reminders and keys with those of individual hacks.

    When requested, enter your registration key, tapping on the text entry line if necessary if the text cursor is not active. We strongly recommend using the software keyboard to do this to prevent problems with confusing letters (like q and g) which have similar graffiti strokes and identical screen appearance.

    For PC-based programs, you will also need to enter your User Identity Code. This is *not* the same as your HotSync User Name, thought it does contain the HotSync User Name as its first part. If accepted, you will get a message saying so, thought the 'Register' menu or button may or may not disappear.
    Thanks, that helped!

    My registration key wasn't accepted. (100%)
    If your passkey does not work, please check that:

    1) You have installed the program properly following the manual that comes with the program,
    2) The HotSync User Name you provided when you registered is correct, and
    3) You are registering the correct program. Note that TealMaster is a separate program that requires its own registration key independent from any system extensions (hacks) that you have registered.

    You can find your HotSync User Name in the title bar of the HotSync application screen on the handheld, or use memtest to read out your HotSync User Name in hex code.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I change the email address where I receive update notices? (100%)
    Visit our
    Customer Database Page to locate your past orders and change the email address associated with them. On that same page, you can also select what notifications, newsletters, and messages you get for each email address.
    Thanks, that helped!

    How do I enter my upgrade key? (100%)
    If you purchased an upgrade key for a major revision of a product (such as TealPaint 6 or TealDoc 6), you must also have your original key for the prior version handy. Enter the original key first before the upgrade key.
    Thanks, that helped!

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